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1511 SW 13TH AVE

Alder Pointe Apartments is a new, 180-unit multi-family project located in Battle Ground, WA. Principal Properties is the developer and overcame numerous challenges to complete the project on schedule and under budget.

Principal Properties is the developer, equity partner and asset manager of the project. Principal Properties conducted market research to determine the feasibility of a multi-family project in the sub-market. The analysis included a detailed study of supply, demand, rental rates and demographics to determine market depth and investment potential. After concluding the viability of the project, Principal Properties performed all development duties including obtaining all entitlements and approvals; financial analysis for investors; secured construction financing and equity capital; selected the project team including architect, engineers, contractor and property manager; guided and approved the site plan, floor plans and building design; approved construction and operating budgets; approved marketing and leasing plan. The project was completed in April 2017 within budget and financial performance.       

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